Collect. Spin. Reedem.

Spin To Win

5 Different Heroes

Each grants you a spin on the wheel when deployed. The more heroes you combine, the more bonus spins you receive. 

Multiple Wheels



5 Hero Types (Good & Bad)




Who Will Be #1

Hero Token Prizes

The wheel is divided into 16 sections, each corresponding to a hero token prize payout. Hero Tokens can be used to redeem various! The more spins you take the more tokens you’ll earn! Be careful not to land on the Red balloon or you’ll get rugged!!

Over $60000 in prizes

Each Hero Will Cost 0.99 Sol. 80% Of The Royalties From Secondary Sales Will Be Added To The Prize Wallet To Replenish Prizes  As Well As Add More.


What is the total supply of each hero?

The supply of each hero are as follows: 

Cyborg: 2375
Mystic: 2375
Infected: 2375
Alien: 2375
Titan: 500

You’re going to want to try get your hands on a Titan.

10,000 total supply?

The Spin Heroes NFT collection operates on a deflationary model, where the supply decreases as players burn their cards to spin the wheel. 20% of the heroes will return while the remaining will be lost forever!

How do I burn cards for spins?

Once the wheel is launched, players will have the option to choose their preferred heroes for spinning. Each time a hero is selected, it will be sent to a burn address. To earn additional spins, players can combine their cards in the following ratios:

1 card for 5 spin,
2 cards for 15 spins,
3 cards for 25 spins,
4 cards for 35 spins,
and 5 cards for 55 spins.

It is important to note that when combining cards for more spins, each card must belong to a distinct hero, and the combination of same heroes does not affect the total number of spins obtained.

How is the Prize Wheel funded?

More than 50% of the mint fund will be used to fund the prize section. This will be replenished with 80% of secondary sale and be added to the prize fund to replenish prizes and adding new ones. 
As success grows we will adding more prizes and wheels as we expand!

Who is the team behind this?

The same passionate team behind the Dazed Ducks. A group that have stuck through this bear market building away ever since their launch over a year ago. To learn more about them follow the Dazed Ducks on twitter and join the discord.

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